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About the Author

About the Author

Born in 1950, I have been a pilot all of my working life and a writer for most of that time. I flew over 600 combat missions in Vietnam and have since traveled over most of the Earth flying private jets. About half of my career has been in management positions.

If ever there was a case of life experience informing what a writer writes, I am that case. I have met people from all walks of life and from all over our wonderful planet, and I have liked most of them. It is only a small stretch for me to imagine liking aliens.

I never expected this series to perform as well as it has. Most pleasing to me is that the series has proven equally enjoyable to men and women.

I am asking anyone who has read my books to write a review on the site where the book was purchased. Writing reviews is easy, and a review only needs a sentence or two. Reviews help new readers decide whether or not to purchase a book. I am not in this for the money, but it's a good story, and I would like to see everyone have the opportunity to experience it. Do it right now.

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My thanks to all of you who have enjoyed the series. A special thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write a review on Amazon or to drop me an email. Feedback is important, and the story is better for it.

Book 5, Wisdom of the Chosen, will likely end the series, though I am open to your wishes. Anyone who sends me an email will be notified of present status and any future releases. My email address: larry@spiritofempire.com.