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Spirit of Empire, a 5-book science fiction/fantasy series


The Alliance, a 3-book science fiction series.

Both series are complete, so binge reading is possible

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Read by Reuben Corbett

About the Spirit of Empire Series

The Empire, hundreds of thousands of civilizations scattered across the galaxy, has been subtly invaded by the Chessori, diminutive creatures who wield a powerful mind weapon. When they strike, the war is lost before anyone knows it began. The hierarchy of the Empire is wiped out, and though legions of military forces remain, they cannot function against the terrible mind weapon.

Ellandra of the Chosen, the youngest and last surviving leader of the Empire, flees across the galaxy hounded by the Chessori. Her last chance is an emerging world called Earth. The setting is today - Earth knows nothing about galactic empires and is only sending rockets into nearby space.

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About the Alliance Series


Greg Hamilton is just an ordinary guy. Well . . . not completely ordinary. He had been an elite special operations soldier before getting blown up and medically discharged from the service. 

Years later, he innocently gets caught up in First and Second Contact when he encounters two UFO's battling it out in the skies over Canada. He rescues a badly injured woman, Arlynn, who is the sole survivor of the engagement. Through her, Greg learns that her people, the An’Atee, have lived in peace for so long that they no longer have—or need—a military. 

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About the Author

Larry hard at work in retirement

Larry hard at work in retirement

I grew up hoping to be an astronaut, but less than perfect vision put that goal out of reach. Instead, I joined the army after high school and flew some 600 combat missions in Vietnam as a Forward Air Controller. After discharge, I went to college, then stayed with the private side of commercial aviation. 

My career as a pilot spanned 49 years, a time during which I managed to cover most of this wonderful globe that we call Planet Earth. I’ve met people from many walks of life, and I have to say that I enjoy nearly all of them when I take religion and politics out of conversations. 

Because of the variety of people I’ve met, treating aliens as people requires only a slight extension of imagination.

I began writing seriously in 1986. My English teachers would be horrified if they knew what I was doing. I was not a great student since I spent most of my time staring out the window at blue skies, clouds, and airplanes. In light of the grammatical and spelling errors in my books – errors that you’ve found and not hesitated to bring to my attention – I’m sure many of you believe those teachers were right. Still, I thank them for cramming what they could into my thick head. I take complete responsibility for the rest. 

As for what comes next, I am working on Book 6 of the Spirit of Empire series. I told my readers that Book 5 finished that series, but they decided otherwise and did not hesitate to let me know they wanted more. So, Book 6 is about half done as of Christmas 2018, but the story is nowhere near complete and it’s already the size of a standard novel. Since my books sort of write themselves—they take me along for the ride just as they do you—I won’t know where this will end up until I reach the end of the tale. It’s possible that it will turn into a new spinoff series.

I am releasing an all-new, shorter series of three books early in 2019 entitled The Alliance. Not a spinoff of Spirit of Empire, it is still space opera that spans the galaxy.

Thank you all for your patience and loyalty. A special thanks to those of you who send emails. I enjoy getting them, whether they’re good news or bad, and I always respond.

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All my books are sold exclusively on They are available as ebooks and paperbacks. The first book of the series, Last of the Chosen, is available as an audio book.