The Empire, hundreds of thousands of civilizations scattered across the galaxy, has been subtly invaded by the Chessori, diminutive creatures who wield a powerful mind weapon. When they strike, the war is lost before anyone knows it began. The hierarchy of the Empire is wiped out, and though legions of military forces remain, they cannot function against the terrible mind weapon. 

Ellandra of the Chosen, the youngest and last surviving leader of the Empire, flees across the galaxy hounded by the Chessori. Her last chance is an emerging world called Earth. The setting is today - Earth knows nothing about galactic empires and is only sending rockets into nearby space.Michael Carver, a man of Earth, comes to her rescue. In the process he discovers that he, and by inference everyone else on Earth, is immune to the Chessori mind weapon. 

First Contact is made, but Earth is a long way from becoming the willing partner needed by the Empire.Join Ellandra and Mike in a quest to restore the Empire to its former glory. Share in their successes and failures as they struggle first to survive, then to lead, and finally to spearhead the Empire’s battle against the Chessori. Along the way, you will meet some new friends:

  • Otis, a Great Cat. The most lethal Protector in the Empire, he is much more than just a warrior.
  • Jake, a Rider. An intelligent, alien mass of protoplasm. His species would, if a price could be put on a person, be the single most valuable commodity in the galaxy. But Riders cannot live on their own - they must reside within a host body. When Jake's host dies, Mike is the only host available.
  • George, a nearly sentient Artificial Intelligence. Pilots join with him on the 'net' to fly the ship. George does all the work, and the pilots do all the thinking, at least at first. 
  • Krys, a Seer. Seer's are the stuff of legend, and the Empire has not seen a Seer within living memory. She is young and her skills weak, but there is no one from whom she can learn. When she receives a vision of Ellandra in mortal danger, she must act, but what can she do? She is just an orphan. She will, in time, become one of the truly Great Ones of Empire.
  • Val, a one-legged beggar. In answering the call of a dying Knight, he is forced to give all that he is. His future will never be the same.
  • Stven, a Rress, one of the most ancient and revered civilizations among the Empire. It just so happens that the Ress are dragons.
  • M'Sada, a Schect. His species is respected throughout the fleet as tacticians despite of the fact that they resemble a four-foot long sausage with 10 legs, mandibles, and multi-faceted eyes.

You will experience great battles through the eyes of the lowest soldier, through the eyes of ship’s captains, and through the eyes of the top admirals and generals, but you will be right there as our heroes struggle to learn statesmanship as well.