Voice of the Chosen


The Rebel leader, Struthers, has suffered serious defeats at the hands of Terran forces, but he is fighting back. First on his list: convene the Imperial Senate, name himself emperor, and officially declare the Queen’s forces in rebellion.

To stop him, the Queen must present herself to the senate, but the meeting will be held on Triton, Rebel headquarters, where Rebel defenses are impregnable. It is up to First Knight Michael Carver to find a way to spirit her into the senate and back out again. Because she is the Last of the Chosen, his plan must be perfect.

The meeting will take place in 18 months, a time which both sides use to solidify their positions. Struthers provides improved weapons and shields to the Chessori, a move which, if successful, will reverse the tide of the war. The Queen’s only option is to beef up her Terran forces, but to do so, Earth will have to accept the existence of aliens.

Meanwhile, the Chessori know who it is warriors from Earth who have been defeating them. They have successfully dealt with emerging worlds in the past, and they fully expect to do so again.