Last of the Chosen


The Empire believes all the Chosen are dead, and without the Chosen there is no hope of restoring the Empire to its former glory. 

But the Empire is wrong. Ellandra, the last of the Chosen, is hounded across the galaxy by the Chessori. She ends up on a little known emerging world called Earth. Mike Carver comes to her rescue, but her crew is dead and no one is left to fly the ship. Mike goes into the net where he meets George, a nearly sentient Artificial Intelligence, and with George's help he will to learn to fly the ship. The first step of his voyage will be to escape a cordon of Chessori ships around Earth. Once through them he will then have to navigate clear across the galaxy for help. 

Far across the galaxy from Mike and Ellandra, a young woman named Krys begins having visions. She learns that Ellandra lives, but her visions do not give location. She begins a voyage to find Ellandra, and in the process she gathers military forces to her side. If she can just find Ellandra, she will, in time, provide the resources for Ellandra to fight