Knights of the Chosen


The Empire has collapsed. Aided by the Chessori, who wield an unbeatable mind weapon, Rebel domination of the sectors strengthens daily. Against such formidable opponents, hope dims among the Empire hierarchy.

The people of Earth are immune to the terrible mind weapon, and the Empire needs our help, but the Chessori know exactly where Earth is located. They are, in fact, the Roswell aliens. They have been studying Earth for many years, trying to discover why we are immune. If Earth helps the Empire, the Chessori will surely retaliate, and we are defenseless. To save the Empire, Earth must find a way to save itself, but the process of pulling the politically fractured nations of Earth together cannot be forced. It must be led, and time is short. 

Join the Queen and her Knights as they struggle to pull the remnants of a once great civilization from the ashes of defeat. Like the Phoenix, they will rise up, giving all that the are, and the galaxy will hear their call.